Base praise, criticism on results, not wishes

info@islandpacket.comOctober 23, 2013 

A recent contributor wrote, "Stupidity runs deep in the Republican Party."

According to Webster's Dictionary, stupidity is defined as: "A stupid act, remark, or idea." Based on this, I suggest it exists on both sides of the aisle.

Obamacare was forced on the American people by a group of "intellectuals" who have no clue what it is. Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

I take offense at the statement that it will be endeared or beloved by all Americans. I will reserve judgment until results give us a basis for opinion. Prematurely, I feel no optimism. Why? Because I, like many others, fear this may result in yet another entitlement program among the multitude that are abused by the undeserving. Has this already begun? How about the exceptions and exclusions that have been implemented? Who implemented these? Will someone please clarify?

Playing the race card is really getting old. Call me naive, but I'm placing faith in my fellow Americans to make judgments on actions, not words, and definitely not on color of skin.

A wise man once reminded me: When we point a finger, there are at least three pointing back, so I try to point carefully.

Larry Morgan


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