Best course of action is to slow Obamacare

info@islandpacket.comOctober 21, 2013 

It takes more than 250 words to rebut the illogical statements of recent letter writers. If a law passed by Congress then upheld by the Supreme Court couldn't be changed, slavery would be legal. I read that Republicans are going to hell and people will never get medical treatment and will be dying by the multitudes.

If you believe in free enterprise, government's taking over one-sixth of our economy is not the answer.

Didn't the president say "elections have consequences"? Our president seems to have forgotten again a past remark, such as his saying raising the debt limit would be unpatriotic.

Why are the Democrats surprised that Republicans now want a say in the Affordable Care Act? The president's claim that the law is fully funded is the sickening part. Which programs are to be cut and what additional tax increases will be needed should be fully debated by our representatives.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi said we would find out what's in the law. We have. The best course to take with the law and its many problems is to slow down.

Both parties need to learn from the shoddy way the ACA was passed. The letter writers appear to forget we do not have a parliamentary system. Our system includes protection for the minority from an overbearing majority. America's system of government and capitalism has worked quite well for more than 200 years. If allowed to continue, even with the occasional hiccups, we can continue to be the greatest nation ever.

James Scott


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