Many warning flags raised on Obamacare

info@islandpacket.comOctober 21, 2013 

I find it beyond amazing that anyone could see the Affordable Care Act as beneficial to this country.

Several clues should have been red flags: Before it became law, you couldn't find any details about what it contained. I read the bill online, but the lingo baffled me. If it were a good thing, why would its contents have been kept from us? Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comment that we had to pass it to find out what it contained was a huge red flag. To change an entire health coverage system that more than 90 percent of us were happy with for a small percentage who didn't have insurance (ignoring the fact that some didn't want health insurance) was another red flag. And then very early in the game, we read that one group after another was at least temporarily exempt from the law. Why didn't the entire country rise up over that? The final slap came when Congress was allowed to get government subsidies because insurance available from the exchanges was too expensive for them.

And that brings us to our current state. We conservatives want the law to be unfunded. Why didn't conservatives buy air time to tell Americans what Obamacare would mean to them or have town hall meetings to inform citizens that it was a thinly disguised plan to insert more government into their lives? But better late than never certainly applies here. Whatever it takes, we have to stop Obamacare from going fully into effect.

Mary Ann Lueckel


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