Leadership training in order for Washington

info@islandpacket.comOctober 20, 2013 

As a result of the government shutdown, constituents were unable to express concerns to unattended congressional or executive branch offices.

I submit to the public the following suggestion with the hope politicians are still reading newspapers.

Corporations use a process to establish leadership within the construct of their businesses. They hire teams of expert professionals, who develop effective listening, communication and negotiation skills designed to assist in creating an atmosphere centered on achieving specific goals that are efficient, effective and accountable.

Americans are truly frustrated with a Congress and executive branch that resort to disrespectful name-calling in an attempt to impress the citizenry. They obviously have not been taught to disagree without being disagreeable.

Is it any wonder that nothing gets done when such a hostile work environment permeates the halls of Congress and the offices of the White House?

Perhaps Congress and the executive branch should be required to attend classes to learn how to work together for the benefit of the nation.

Should any federal politician have an interest in sponsoring legislation that would require congressional and executive branch training in effective communication and team-building for government accountability, I have contacts and as a civic duty would be willing to provide those references.

Carol A. Cook


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