Criticism of salaries grandstanding for votes

info@islandpacket.comOctober 17, 2013 

I write to express not only my support for Bluffton Town Council's approved salary increases, but also to offer some suggestions on the civility of small town politics.

Our Town Council has consistently performed to standards not often seen in government. I applaud council members for their ability to deal with sensitive issues and look out for the common good.

I was disappointed with how discontent over the increase was presented. It bordered on disrespectful and certainly was ineffective. We all should be empowered to get involved and serve in whatever capacity we can to effect change as we feel needed. To muddy the council race with rants and disrespect just to have a platform on which to run is unappealing.

Politics is a show that gives running for office a bad name. A candidate should run on what he believes and refrain from grasping for straws to create a platform. The comments made to council on the salary increases seemed a desperate attempt to gain votes.

I expect more from my Town Council and potential council members than to resort to the tactics displayed at this month's council meeting. I suggest we refrain from decreasing the value and effectiveness of the process by grandstanding for votes.

Sean Congleton


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