USCB project could drive away tourists

info@islandpacket.comOctober 17, 2013 

I agree with your Oct. 10 editorial opposing a college campus near Coligny Circle. In addition to the issues cited, I would like to mention some others.

Our family made Sea Pines our family summer vacation spot for nearly 30 years. Upon returning after a period of about five years, we all remarked on how crowded Sea Pines Beach Club had become and how many more duplicate businesses were springing up.

The question I would ask if I were on Town Council is: Does this project protect the land and the money of Hilton Head Island? After all, that is what council is elected to do for the taxpayers. I do not think it will benefit the community to put a nonprofit project on high-valued land (no taxes collected) that would further congest an already congested area.

As tourists come here and experience the crowded area around Coligny, they will decide to look for other vacation communities to visit. Many of my friends and neighbors from Ohio have traded in Hilton Head Island for Destin, Fla., and Mexico Beach, Fla., finding them much less congested.

Marcia Sullivan

Hilton Head Island

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