Don't restrict ways to enjoy May River

info@islandpacket.comOctober 16, 2013 

The people who want to restrict boat speed on the May River to reduce wakes near their property should know that the subject already has been addressed.

The South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 50-21-870 (6), prohibits operating a vessel above idle speed within 50 feet of a dock.

Bluffton was correct in not joining their request to the state for a no-wake zone to restrict recreational activity on the entire river near their property.

I also have a dock on the May River. I was well aware of the boating activities when commissioning the dock to be built. I agree that sometimes vessel operators are inconsiderate of those of us who are on our docks as they power by. But the May River is one of nature's wonders. It provides opportunities for commercial harvesting of seafood, recreational fishing, diving, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding or just enjoying our wonderful recreational asset. It's here for everyone's enjoyment.

Access and restrictions for a personal agenda should not be allowed; the river belongs to everyone, regardless of their recreational appetite or pleasure.

Perhaps they should move to a facility or community, such as Harbour Town or Windmill Harbour, where idle speed rules are applied and appropriate. The May River is not a harbor, but a free waterway subject to the laws applied thereto.

Roger H. Crane


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