Illness led to decision to leave council race

info@islandpacket.comOctober 15, 2013 

This letter is to clear up any speculation concerning my withdrawal as a candidate for Bluffton Town Council.

When I stood for election seeking one of the contested seats, I did so because I thought the current council had lost its way, especially in handling, and even abetting, serious problems in the historic district along and around Calhoun Street. The bars and noisy outdoor music, along with bar-related bad behavior, ever-more trash, and haphazard and dangerous parking were increasing alarmingly. Our once charming neighborhood seemed destined for decline.

I knew that my long years of financial and political experience might well serve to anchor the council and remind members of the notion of community service. It is true that I had been treated for a serious medical issue, but all seemed well, and I was confident that I could contribute to the protection of our beloved town from the looming tawdriness.

However, a precautionary visit to a specialist in Boston revealed issues of a more profound nature than the local doctors had seen. Consequently, my travels for treatment made my service on council questionable. Heartsick, I withdrew.

This does not mean I will no longer be able to contribute. If anything, my situation has made me more resolved to oppose those who would diminish their neighbors for their own personal gain. For years, I have written and spoken against corruption and self-dealing at the national level. Perhaps I should have been looking closer to home.

Bill Roe


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