Congress behaving worse than kindergartner

info@islandpacket.comOctober 14, 2013 

Members of Congress should have learned in kindergarten all they need to know about how to behave. But apparently they didn't.

The rules include: Share everything, play fair, don't hurt people, clean up your own mess (pay your bills), hold hands and work together. These principles can be applied to family, work and government, but we're not seeing them in Congress, not even in the religious (pro-life) right wing.

Forget feeding the poor's hungry children and babies; they're poor because they're lazy. Forget offering basic health care insurance to those without it, including pregnant women; they should get their own or go without. Forget welcoming strangers and giving them shelter, sustenance or a chance; they're just freeloaders. Don't even think about funding infrastructure projects that would create many thousands of jobs; if people wanted jobs they would get out there and find one. Double-down on opposition to renewable energy projects or standards that limit pollution; the environment will take care of itself as always.

Definitely ignore the Constitution and that silly thing about equality. Don't separate church and state; your options in life should align with my religious beliefs. As for the Bible, it only applies when it suits my purpose, and I choose the verses. Majority rule is not a fair principle, especially when I'm not the majority. So I'll hold my breath (or "fili-bluster") until I turn blue; that always works. And when it doesn't, I'll take my marbles, shut down everything and go home.

Cheryl Kanuck


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