Better way to roll out Obamacare exchanges

info@islandpacket.comOctober 14, 2013 

An Oct. 2 story reports that the Obama administration's launch of health insurance exchanges began with crashing websites across the country.

After having months to prepare for this opening day, the Obama brain trust, made up of all the czars and czarinas who create the policies the president hits the public with, had all their preparations blown out of the water.

It seems that none of them could come up with the simple plan that would allow phone callers across the country, whose last names began with the letter "A" to callers whose names ended with the letter "D," to be the only persons allowed to call on opening day.

On the second day, take only callers whose name ended with the letter "E" to callers whose last name ended with the letter "H."

Then on each following day, callers with names ending with the letter, say, "I to L"; "M" to "P"; or any other combination of the letters of people's last names until you reach the letter "Z."

Are all these czars and czarinas in the same category as the members of Congress, who will get help paying for insurance from the exchanges?

As government employees, are they exempt from the shutdown?

And do the appointed Supreme Court and federal judges still get paid during the shutdown?

After all, it was the Supreme Court that said Obamacare was constitutional.

George Breslaw

Hilton Head Island

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