Hate-mongers hurt country most of all

info@islandpacket.comOctober 13, 2013 

I am writing to comment on a statement by Stuart Varney of Fox Business News, quoted in the Oct. 5 issue of The Island Packet.

His characterization of federal employees as a "bloated federal bureaucracy" that "takes money from us" and his desire to "punish these people" illustrates the destructive ranting of the right-wing cabal that is the greatest threat we face as a nation.

Hate and anger are two demons abroad in our society, and it is time for them to stop.

Federal employees are our fellow citizens who work, as do all of us, to make society function. Society functions when people band together to create a safe, prosperous, viable and mutually supportive community. As a society, we are in danger of allowing merchants of anger and discontent to divide and conquer as they promote fear, suspicion and hate.

As a nation and as a world, we are going through a period of great change. Old ways are not working. Huge changes demographically, politically, culturally, technologically and financially face us as a nation. We need leaders with vision and a calm, pragmatic approach to problems. We will only find such people if we reject Varney and his ilk and demand calm, reasoned analysis and pragmatic vision from commentators and journalists. True patriots calmly reason. They do not hyperventilate and demagogue.

Government is necessary to society; self-serving windbags are not. Without government, there is anarchy. Is that what anyone wants?

Susan Britt

Hilton Head Island

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