GOP shouldn't block life-saving health care

info@islandpacket.comOctober 11, 2013 

The blood of millions of Americans who die for lack of health care will be on the hands of selfish Republican leaders and legislators, who only care about political retribution instead of the welfare of millions of Americans who cannot afford medical treatment.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz only cares about running for president, not about his own Hispanic people who do not have health insurance. The Republican Party has no alternative plans for national health insurance because they are so vindictive toward the Democratic Party's presidential winner, Barack Obama. The Sept. 29 New York Times editorial notes that the "dawn of a revolution in health care subsidies on new insurance exchanges will make coverage affordable for millions."

The United States is embarking on a truly historic journey toward near universal health care coverage. The federal government is making it possible for millions of uninsured Americans who can't get health insurance, or can't afford it, to obtain coverage with the aid of government subsidies. It is a striking example of what government can do to help people in trouble.

This is the Affordable Care Act that the Republican Party is out to destroy, and with it the lives of millions of Americans, for its own political gains. Republicans: Stop the killing now.

Karl Barons


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