Put an end to stupidity of piling on more debt

info@islandpacket.comOctober 9, 2013 

President Barack Obama doesn't get it. We can't afford his health care law nor his entitlements. We have to stop printing new billions of dollars. Big government is not the answer for this country.

As soon as we get to the point that we can't even pay the interest on our massive debt, the country's going under. We'll no longer be the owner of the world's reserve currency. And then this current crisis is going to be like a month in paradise.

The people who write Obama's speeches should spend more time reading instead of writing. The debt has to go down, not up. As soon as these dingbats figure out this simple fact and start cutting instead of adding, we'll get back on the right track.

So the future is very bright, my friends. There just needs to be a time limit on stupidity, and as of right now, time's up.

Don Gwaltney


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