Injured sea turtle found on Hilton Head recovered, released

info@islandpacket.comOctober 9, 2013 

Another sea turtle rescued in Beaufort County was released by the S.C. Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program after recovering at the Charleston facility.

Pluff, a 65-pound juvenile loggerhead, was released the afternoon of Oct. 10, 2013, at Folly Beach County Park, in cooperation with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources and the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission.

Pluff was found stuck in a marsh on Hilton Head Island on June 20.

The turtle was lethargic, thin and covered in barnacles, according to aquarium officials. Blood tests showed anemia and extremely low blood protein. Pluff's treatment included antibiotics, vitamin injections and fluid therapy.

According to a news release, Pluff is fully recovered.

Another turtle was rescued June 20 off of Port Royal. Miss Royal, a 215-pound adult loggerhead, had two boat-strike injuries -- one on her shell and another on her right back flipper -- and is still recovering at the Sea Turtle Hospital. Spokeswoman Kate Dittloff said Miss Royal is doing well, has a healthy appetite and is improving daily.

Skully, a 70-pound juvenile loggerhead, was rescued from a sandbar in Skull Creek Inlet off Fripp Island after boaters spotted him in distress on June 18. Skully was treated for old shell wounds, among other problems, and released Sept. 14.

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