Democrats, president should come to table

info@islandpacket.comOctober 7, 2013 

Although I definitely disagree with the Republican strategy of tying Obamacare to the budget, which resulted in a government shutdown, I am perplexed at the rhetoric from our president and the Democratic politicians.

They say the Affordable Care Act "is a law that passed the House and passed the Senate." Actually, the law as it exists today is not the one passed by the House and the Senate at all. Since its passage, the administration has, without congressional input, given waivers, delays and subsidies to a chosen few. Businesses, unions and political allies have all benefited from this generosity.

Now, Republican House members are asking for just one more delay, that of the individual mandate, and one less subsidy, that to Congress and its staff. Yet neither the president, nor Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, will even agree to discuss suggested compromises, preferring to hold the line that only a "clean bill" will be considered.

They place full blame on the Republicans for the shutdown, and they rely on the national media to promote that premise. I am opposed to the Affordable Care Act and opposed to a government shutdown, but I would like to know why the Democrats, and particularly our president, find it acceptable to dole out waivers and subsidies to those they deem worthy, yet refuse to even discuss those same benefits for the general public. Who is really irresponsible here?

Kathy Malmquist


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