VIDEO: Hungry deer munches acorns at Hunting Island

October 7, 2013 

Deer in this state park can be skittish, but this whitetail seemed to be too hungry and busy foraging to mind my presence.


The deer on Fripp Island are notoriously friendly. Many will eat from your hand, follow you in a golf cart, hang out on your porch and drink beer with you. Well, maybe they're not that friendly, but many clearly are not spooked by humans.

The herds at Hunting Island State Park, by comparison, seem much more like other deer in the wild -- that is to say, more skittish.

But Saturday, while riding through the park, along a road connecting the north beach to the main artery that circles the island, I caught a deer out of the corner of my eye and decided to circle back to see if I could video it. She had an easy escape route and looked at me nervously at first. But I advanced no farther after getting within about 15 feet, and when she saw I was no threat, the doe just resumed foraging. (She looked plenty hungry -- her ribs were showing, she was gaunt and there wasn't another deer within sound or sight.)

Don't get too excited about the video. This whitetail doesn't do a dance, bound a palmetto or otherwise qualify for an "Amazing Animals" montage. It just forages for acorns, chews a little and cleans up her left haunch. Wildlife doesn't have to do anything spectacular though -- it's relaxing just to sit and watch a while, which my wife and I did for about 15 minutes Saturday.

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