Elected officials should represent the people

info@islandpacket.comOctober 7, 2013 

Isn't it wonderful that our elected congressman, Mark Sanford, once again can use his powerful position to hold our great nation hostage, all while he tries to make a political statement.

I could not be more embarrassed as a South Carolina native and a constituent of the 1st Congressional District. Politicians are supposed to represent the people. Look at "How our lawmakers voted." Half the time they don't even vote, and that does not represent me.

Hopefully, in the next election, we will vote based on what is better for the people -- education, opportunity for the middle class, the environment-- not what works better for single-issue voters or their pocketbooks.

Let us all hope, pray, believe in candidates who run to represent us. And when they do not, let's not re-elect them. President Barack Obama was re-elected by the popular vote. Same-sex marriage is becoming increasingly popular. I am grateful, not just for myself, but for kids who question their identity, as I did. Hopefully, one day it will reduce domestic abuse.

October is Domestic Violence Abuse Awareness Month. Domestic violence is a huge issue for South Carolina. We rank No. 1 in the nation in men killing women. It's not a great day in South Carolina; it's a really sad day. It's time we elected leaders who care for people, not corporations and special interests.

John E. Giles

Hilton Head Island

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