Hilton Head Island man puts elaborate plan in motion to propose to girlfriend

abredeson@islandpacket.comOctober 6, 2013 

Hilton Head Island resident Adam Kurtz arranged an elaborate ruse to propose to his girlfriend, Molly Augustine, at the Hilton Head Island Airport.


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A few months ago, Adam Kurtz started telling his girlfriend, Molly Augustine, that it would be quite a while before he could afford an engagement ring. That was just the start of an elaborate plan to ask for her hand in marriage.

A paramedic with Shoreline Medical Transport and co-owner of Bon Bicycles, Kurtz knew he wanted to do something special for Augustine, a nurse at Coastal Carolina Medical Center and a Bon Bicycles co-owner. He picked a date a month ahead of time, asked her boss if she could have off work that day and came up with a plan.

That plan was for Augustine's best friend to ask her to participate in a fictitious photo shoot at a local salon. Her friend, Carson Carroll, used to work at All About Me on Hilton Head Island so it wasn't too odd when she called Augustine and told her the salon was looking for a last-minute model for a photo shoot they were doing. A photographer would take pictures of her as she got her nails and hair done, and when she was all ready, they would continue the photo shoot at the Hilton Head Island Airport.

When Carroll called, she told Augustine that they also needed some people to pose as patrons. Augustine told her friend she was sorry, but she had to work that day. She handed the phone over to her mother, who was already in on the plan and pretended to agree to participate.

That night, Augustine told her boyfriend about the opportunity, and he suggested his mom also pose as an extra. That way, both of their mothers would be there for the big moment.

Augustine went to work the morning of Aug. 29, and her manager told her to take the day off. She said she wasn't that surprised because the hospital had been cutting hours.

Augustine called Kurtz to tell him she didn't have to work, and he suggested she join the other women at the salon. She agreed and headed for the salon, where she had her hair and nails done. But she needed a dress to wear for the next part of the photo shoot. She called her mom, who brought over a dress that she said she had bought, but that Kurtz had actually had specially designed for her.

After her hair and nails were done, and she had her new white dress on, they headed to the airport for the rest of the photo shoot. When they got to the airport, Augustine was told that a plane would soon pull up and she was to stand next to it for photos.

The plane pulled up. And to Augustine's surprise, out popped her boyfriend. He walked down a red carpet that was rolled out for the fake photo shoot, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Augustine said she did not have to think about it for a second.

"I've been waiting," she said, adding that the proposal was "more than I ever could've hoped for."

Kurtz said he has a hard time not telling her about the gifts he buys her, so keeping this a secret was really tough.

The couple has set a March 9 wedding date.

After Augustine said yes, a friend, who owned the plane, whisked the couple off to Walt Disney World for the night.

"I'm surprised she said yes," Kurtz said jokingly. "I was extremely surprised we pulled it off."

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