Compassion helps build stronger country, society

info@islandpacket.comOctober 4, 2013 

The majority of people by definition are just ordinary and very few are truly exceptional. Individuals didn't select their parents, the color of their skin, IQ, height or their physical ability, nor will they decide the day of their normal death. The positioning of people is the labor of God, and he placed each of us on this earth to carry out a moral purpose.

Ben Franklin one of our beloved founders, believed that humans should not suffer in any way: "We should improve all aspect of life for happiness."

John Adams also expressed his concern about a country without compassion, and Adams' happiness was grounded in virtue. Both would have approved of food stamps for the poor, elderly and disabled, especially for hungry children. Both understood that a society where the weakest are suffering brings about tragedy and hostility. There is something morally wrong with those who neglect the poor, elderly and disabled. Franklin's outlook was clear: Material success means moral regeneration and social improvements.

He was not a Catholic, but he believed, as Catholics do, in good works, which is different from the Calvinist belief that faith alone saves you. Franklin said that if God loved all his creatures, then the best way to serve God was to serve your fellow man.

Matter of fact, he proposed how to pay for this happiness, through progressive taxes. Those that earn more should pay more.

Bill Mahaffey


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