Social Security claim pandering to the left

info@islandpacket.comOctober 4, 2013 

The Oct. 1 edition of The Beaufort Gazette had a front-page story about the federal government shutdown.

In the second paragraph, the illustrious McClatchy Washington Bureau reporters had it wrong, stating "the partial closure will delay Social Security payments ..."

Don't these so-called reporters check their facts, or do they just put out there what they want or what agenda they wish to push?

On Page 9A, the second to last paragraph of an accompanying story states: "Social Security and Medicare benefits will continue."

Well, which is it?

Fortunately, anyone who has been listening to or reading about this issue knows that Social Security payments will continue, and it is highly unlikely they will be delayed. Even the president has stated that in his many diatribes against the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Come on, Beaufort Gazette and McClatchy Washington Bureau, get it right and quit pandering to the left and trying to exacerbate the fears of those on Social Security.

Mike Lewis

Harbor Island

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