Let city leaders know views on paid parking

info@islandpacket.comOctober 3, 2013 

This is about pay-for-parking in little Beaufort. No town of comparable size in the U.S. has pay-for-parking. My take from Bay Street shop and restaurant owners is that they believe pay-for-parking negatively affects their businesses.

I am astonished to write that I believe that City Council and perhaps the Redevelopment Commission likes pay-for-parking in Beaufort. Why do I say this?

In the spirit of citizen involvement in working on the 100-year plan/vision for Beaufort, I wrote an email to Mayor Billy Keyserling and Jon Verity, head of the Redevelopment Commission, as follows:

"Can we agree that pay-for-parking is undesirable?

"Can we agree that it would be a benefit to Beaufort to find another solution to parking here?

"And if so, shouldn't a statement to this effect be included in our vision for the future?"

I received an acknowledgment of my email, but otherwise stony silence.

I deduce that they actually like pay-for-parking in Beaufort and that pay-for-parking is an intrinsic piece of their redevelopment package for downtown Beaufort.

If you agree that they have it wrong, please let City Council and the Redevelopment Commission know how you feel.

Pete Palmer


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