No reason to avoid carbon-based energy

info@islandpacket.comOctober 2, 2013 

Eons ago, dinosaurs roamed North America in a tropical environment, and there were no significant contributions of man to so-called global warming.

Then came an ice age with glaciers creeping all the way into the upper United States. They receded due to natural global warming. Mankind was not yet burning coal, gas or oil. In the recent flap over global warming, we now observe that global temperatures average lower today than in the 1990s. And it appears now that 2013 is turning out to be a cold year.

It is pretty clear that there is no detectable human-related contribution to so-called global warming. It is time we get into exploiting the fuel sources extant on the North American continent. Standing in the way of progress have been the Environmental Protection Agency and the president, who, together, have far too much power over our economy. The requirement to use ethanol in our gasoline has not only increased the delivery cost of my granola cereal from General Mills to Publix, it also has increased the cost of my cereal through competition for the grains.

The president needs to lead from in front for a change and sign off on the Keystone Pipeline project and other projects aimed at developing carbon-based energy sources (coal, oil and gas) in the continental U.S., including offshore sources and federally owned land. Solar and wind energy sources are unreliable, impractical, costly and ugly, and they require huge tracts to be able to generate relatively insignificant quantities of energy.

Jim Benford

Hilton Head Island

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