Town not heeding concerns on Coligny

info@islandpacket.comOctober 1, 2013 

Many of my neighbors and I attended the meeting about master plan alternatives for the Coligny area on Hilton Head Island.

This is the third time the residents of North and South Forest Beach have met with town officials to express our concern over the concentrated effort by the town and the University of South Carolina Beaufort to build a satellite campus on Pope Avenue at Coligny. The town obviously has heard the concerns of the residents but refuses to weigh our issues with parking, open space and sustainable land use against their desire to put the college campus across from the beach.

Beach property is scarce. To take a valuable asset that could be enjoyed as open space and erect a large classroom building and a parking garage will add to the congestion in that area. Everyone acknowledges that parking is a problem. The master plan calls for eliminating a divided four-lane road and reverting to a single lane of traffic in each direction to enhance pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The logic of this escapes me. The plan for traffic has not had a study by the state Department of Transportation. No one has completed a needs study of the residential areas surrounding the site for the campus. If town officials refuse to listen to the valid concerns of the residents, we will need to make them listen through the power of the vote.

Florence Wisn

Hilton Head Island

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