Development's impact a reality Bluffton officials must accept

info@islandpacket.comOctober 1, 2013 

I find it quite disturbing that after all of the studies and the many visits from experts, such as Fred Holland, that Bluffton Mayor Lisa Sulka could state, as she did recently, " ... development is not necessarily the reason for the high bacteria concentration" in our rivers.

Well, folks, this statement only reflects what this town administration, as well as its predecessors, have always felt about development and its effects on our estuaries and quality of life.

I urge you to ask the mayor: If development is not the reason we cannot eat certain fish in the New River and cannot harvest oysters out of vast stretches of the May and Okatie rivers, then what is the culprit?

Unfortunately, everywhere I go these days, all I hear are complaints from ordinary citizens about problems: Parking on Calhoun Street, loud and unruly goings-on in that area, new construction, such as Parker's, and the huge increase in traffic, to name just a few, all driven by bad development practices.

Everyone needs to realize that southern Beaufort County is already 90 percent laid out for development, and I am sure you are comforted to know that the additional 50,000 or so new people and the construction that comes with them will not harm our estuaries or way of life -- at least according to the mayor.

Jimmy McIntire


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