Recreation Results, Sept. 29

sports@islandpacket.comSeptember 29, 2013 


Bear Creek

Results of Men's tournament held Sept. 23; Format: Stableford - One Net Best Ball; 1. Stan Duke, Gene Kay, Dave McCandless.

Dataw Island

Results of Ladies day tournament held Sept. 26; Format: Individual Golf; 9 hole ladies: 1. Kathy Welborn, 2. Peggy Hubright; Closest to the Pin -- Peggy Hubright; 18-hole ladies: Flight 1 -- 1. Bud Huber, 2. Laura Sherman, Stacey Zelten; Flight 2 -- 1. Carolyn Collins, 2. Wanda Elmore; Low Putts -- Wanda Elmore; Closest to the Pin -- Laura Sherman, Nancy Day; Chip-Ins -- Nancy Day, Susan Converse, Carolyn Collins.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Ladies day tournament held Sept. 17; 1. Marianne Kinsey, Linda Tibey, Debbie Creamer, Maureen Helmes, Ro DiCanio, Wendy Feeney, Brenda Christiansen, Bridget Onda.

The Golf Course at Pleasant Point

Results of the Women's teams tournament held Sept. 24; 1st team- Susan Gallager, Jackie Dansby, Kit Wintrerer.

Results of Men's day individual points quota held Sept. 24; Ros Somers, Kia Mallott; Closest to the pin -- Ros Somers, Tom Richardson, Frank Porter.

Results of Wednesday's Team Best Net -- Kia Mallott, John Marvin, Ros Somers, Tom Glans, Joe Dobratz, Herman Gaither; Closest to the pin -- Ros Somers, Kia Mallott, Joe Dobratz.

Hidden Cypress

Results of WGA 18 Hole League tournament held Sept. 19; Flight A/B -- 1. Vicki Vik, Jan Janson; 2. Mary Turner, Berna Nagel; 3. Sally Vozel, Rita Novak; 4. Susan Baukhages, Sue Kline; 5. Barbara Gonsalves, Sharan Oehmann; Flight C/D -- 1. Bee Corcoran, Joyce Sargent; 2. Marilyn Schaeffer, Betty Smith; 3. Darlene Abshier, Maureen Keller; 4. Diane Foster, Candace Pope; 5. Nancy Nickell, Roxy Isaacs.

Island West

Results of Men's day held Sept. 26; 1. Dave Zander, Don Biersack, David Glover, Robert Heck; 2. BIll Knott, Hoyle Renny, Fred Palcho; Closest to the Pin -- John Tuner, Harter Banks.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association held Sept. 26; Format: Two Man Team One Best Net; 1. John Donat, Ben Franklin; 2. (tie) Alan Westcob, Jack Shaffer and John Dansby, Tom Burnett; Closest to the Pin -- John Dansby, Ben Franklin, John Donat.

Moss Creek

Results of Twilight Golf tournament held Sept. 20; Format: 4-club scramble; Front Nine -- 1. Barbara and Bill Kindred; Fran and Arnold Gellman; 2. Katy and Dave Myer; Marie and David League; Back Nine -- 1. Sharon and Stan Potter, Patti and Vic Merritt; 2. (tie) Linda and Don Muller, Sharon Sommerstein and Walter Flaherty, Katy and Sean Doran, Sandy and Bob Lachenauer.

Results of President's tournament held Sept. 21-22; Overall Champion: Patrick Piercy, Senior Champion: Rich Sandquist; Super Senior Champion: Don Mikkelson; Flight 1 - 1. Charlie Boles, 2. Dick Obrig; Flight 2 - 1. Tom Andreas, 2. Cary Mayo; Flight 3 - 1. Herb Sawyer, 2. Paul Kruzelock, 3. John Kittelberger; Flight 4 - 1. George Romeo, 2. Jim Vogel, 3. Bill Cummins; Flight 5 - 1. George Barnes, 2. Don Reynolds, 3. Earle Everett.

Results of Men's day held Sept. 24; Format: 1 of 2 Best Ball; Flight 1 -- 1. Patrick Hughes, George Jones; 2. Steve Soucy, Herb Sawyer; Flight 2 -- 1. Dave Bauman, R. Deserrano; 2. T. Karnas, D. Muller; Flight 3 -- 1. T. Finn, E. Everett; 2. (tie) D. Earnhardt, J. Filemyer, P. Halsey, H. Hayman.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held Sept. 26; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. L. Eberly, 2. P. Coghlan.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Ladies Nine Hole Group tournament held Sept. 19; Format: Eight is Enough; 1. Wrae Tankins, 2. (tie) Susan Donnell, Penny Fobes.

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held Sept. 24; 1. Jane Danoff, 2. Marilyn Zeleznik and Kathy LaBonte; Low Gross: Kathy LaBonte; Birdies: Marilyn Zeleznik, Jan Kirk, Camille DeJianne; Chip-Ins -- Deb Korthase, Jayne Danoff, Laura Hrubi, Camille DeJianne, Marilyn Zeleznik, Deb Korthase; Closest to the Pin -- Joyce West, Marilyn Zeleznik, Kathy LaBonte.


Results of tournament held Sept. 20; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. Michael Hughes. 2. (tie) Bob Wood, Eddie Iannacone; Closest to the Pin -- Andy Bertram, Dave Stewart.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's day held Sept. 21; Format: 3 Net Best Ball of 4; 1. Bill Shipe, Tod Powers, John Klinger, Lee Henken; 2. Jack Diver, Jay Parks, George Edell, Len Marino; Low Net -- Jay Parks; Closest to the Pin -- John Carroll.

Results of Men's day held Sept. 24; Format: A&D + B&C; 1. Mike Danyi, Jay Parks, Bob Wright, Len Marino; 2. Bill Shipe, George Kelly, John Klinger, Lee Henken (Blind Draw); Low Net -- Dick Timcoe; Closest to the Pin -- Jay Parks.

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