Take one step at a time to get us to solutions

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 27, 2013 

The folks in Congress love to write all inclusive bills. They assume that we live in a static world and don't believe in an incremental approach.

Case in point: Obamacare. It is so convoluted that, according to a recent newspaper story, seven federal agencies must cooperate for it to work effectively. Good luck with that.

More than a few companies have indicated that they are holding employees below the 30-hour threshold for mandatory coverage. Various groups have been given a deferment, thus increasing the load on an ever-diminishing middle class.

Second case in point: immigration reform. There is reluctant acknowledgment in Washington that the 10 million-plus illegal immigrants should be given some form of legal status. One of the sticking points is the so-called path to citizenship; the other is the secure-our-borders-first ploy. (In what I would call typical D.C. sophistry, Sen. Lindsey Graham cited this as his reason for voting against the Dream Act in an email to me).

Issuing work permits and tightening E-Verify is too simple a concept for the ineptocrats. Regardless of size, the issues confronting us are best solved in small steps.

Charles Fagan

Hilton Head Island

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