Coligny not the place to build college facility

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 27, 2013 

I'm not the only resident with concerns about Coligny redevelopment. As a homeowner (family-owned since 1974), I'm hoping Hilton Head Island's Town Council votes "no" to a college campus on Hilton Head, especially at Coligny.

We're a peaceful community of friends, neighbors and returning tourists. A college would negatively change the demographics of our area. Students who aren't necessarily top choices for renters will become our neighbors. Will these students dine and shop at upscale venues in our area? Are they the guests who'll respect Coligny? Do they have disposable dollars for purchases and activities? Will they spend money for these things? That's a gamble I don't want to take with our area. My guess is they don't or won't respect us, our environment or our community. How will their beach activities (drinking) be monitored?

We should embrace what our island is and always has been. We need to promote what we are, not try to be something we aren't at the expense of owners and residents who adamantly oppose it. A playground, a people and dog park, amphitheater and parking (not a multilevel garage) will help Coligny keep up with other resort areas and other parts of Hilton Head.

I hope before the council votes, members remember the October Forest Beach Association meeting and the straw vote. Residents in attendance voted down a college facility. I hope they vote the will of the people, not what a college might do for political gain.

Karen Kariotis Boughton

Hilton Head Island

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