Uneven matches unfair to winners, losers, fans

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 26, 2013 

Why in the world is Ohio State University playing Florida A&M or Louisville playing Florida International (OSU 76-0; Louisville 72-0)?

These breathers are not fair to fans, alumni or the players. The worse offender is right here, the Miami-Savannah State bout last Saturday, 77-7; the game was shortened in the final quarter. These schools are strictly in it for a paycheck. Savannah State received $375,000. Is it fair to the players, who take quite a beating? And there's the psychological effect it has on the players and even the coaches.

New records are set by the power teams. The OSU quarterback set a school record with six touchdown passes. What about the former quarterback who held the record with five touchdowns against formidable opposition?

Let's get the power schools to quit playing these so-called Division I schools that are really Division II teams. They are no fun to view on TV.

Charlie Mitchell


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