'Defunding' strategy could hit other programs

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 25, 2013 

The House has now passed 42 bills to terminate, delay or defund Obamacare, knowing full well that the Senate wouldn't go along and that President Barack Obama would veto any such bill. (How much taxpayer money has gone into printing all those bills ?)

Of course, defunding is a highly questionable device. If a law is to be overturned, the accepted way is through legislation. If defunding can do the same job, then no existing law is safe. Many of the 80 anarchists who have forced the Republican leadership into a corner by threatening a government shutdown also hate Social Security.

Watch out all of you elderly who get a monthly Social Security check. The drive to defund Social Security may be next.

Felix H. Kent

Hilton Head Island

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