Parents, speak out on options for schools

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 24, 2013 

Bluffton parents, please come to the Beaufort County school board meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday at Bluffton High School.

Three options are being proposed to deal with overcrowded schools in Bluffton. The first option is to rezone the Okatie area into the Battery Creek High School cluster. District officials consider this a no-cost option. Trust me, there is definitely a cost, and our children will pay it.

The second option is to add on to Bluffton High, creating a "mega-high school" of 2,400 students. Your children will become lost in the system and lose out on many of the experiences most of us were fortunate enough to have in a smaller high school.

The final option is a new "choice" high school to be built on land the district already owns. This option would allow all of our Bluffton families to stay in the community they love. It would also give your children the educational opportunities they deserve. We are definitely a community that can embrace another high school, which will only enhance our children's educational and athletic opportunities. We either build it now or build it later. Let's give our children what they deserve now.

I know we are all very busy. But your children's education deserves your attention and depends on your attending this meeting, whether you are in public or private schools, have pre-school or high school children. We will all be affected by this decision regarding Bluffton children's future. Please show your children they are worth it.

Heidi Hanson


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