Hunting Island photos: 1 trip, 3 hours, 16 birds (including eagles)

Posted by JEFF KIDD on September 23, 2013 

As my wife and I approached the spot along the Hunting Island lagoon where he had launched about three hours earlier, it dawned on me the sort of day it had been. On my SD card, I knew I had one of the better photos I’ve taken of a kingfisher (which never seem to sit still or allow me to draw close,) a mystery yellow bird that I had not yet identified and a pair of bald eagles perched high in a pine, where they could keep an eye on the both the lagoon and the surf that pounded on the other side of Cabin Road.

I figured we had spotted at least a dozen bird species during a relatively short trip.

Actually, we did quite a bit better than that — I photographed 16, and one of each included in the accompanying gallery. This didn’t include one bird I failed to ID or photograph, or the tufted titmouse, chickadees, cardinals and mourning doves that I seldom photograph in the wild because so many are attracted to our backyard feeder. Neither does it include the fiddler crab I dallied with before exiting the boat, the pod of dolphins we watched swim past in the Fripp Inlet or the deer that Debi spied all along the lagoon’s edge.

I’m counting only things that are feathered and photographed.

Scroll through the gallery linked to above to see the variety.

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