Recreation Results, Sept. 22

sports@islandpacket.comSeptember 22, 2013 


Bear Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held Sept. 19; Format: Scramble; 1. Casey Vanderveer, Carol DeKany, Betsy Pehrson; 2. Carol Jackson, Ann Carter, Nancy Lachapelle.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held Sept. 17-18; Flight 1 -- Low Gross: Loretta Cutrer; Low Net: Kay Hayes; Flight 2 -- Low Gross: Linda Henderson, Low Net: Sheila Johnson; Flight 3 -- Low Gross: Marty Eidemiller, Low Net: Heidi Fearon.

Results of MGA tournament held Sept. 19; Format: Reverse Waltz; 1. Dan Dickey, Bill Mackey, Bill Clark, Tom Hough; 2. Bill McCourt, Kent Mittelberg, Ian Gudgeon, Ed Rainey; Closest to the Pin -- Joe McPartland, Ed McLaughlin.

Dataw Island

Results of Ladies day tournament held Sept. 19; Format: Putts and Fairways; 9 hole ladies -- 1. June Austin, Marty Therese O'Brien, Sally Coulton; 2. Barbara Anderson, Patricia Bixby, Betty Freer; Closest to the Pin -- June Austin, Sally Coulton; 18 hole ladies -- 1. Joye Chambers, Diane Laughlin, Celeste Nalwasky; 2. Susan Converse, Suzy Marchioni, Paula Wexler; Closest to the Pin -- Paula Wexler, Stacey Zelten; Chip-Ins -- Celeste Nalwasky, Wanda Elmore.

Fripp Island

Results of the Women's Golf Association event held Sept. 17; Format: Stableford; Flight 1 -- 1. Trudy Crysel, 2. Kathryn Woolley, 3. Jan Pringle; Flight 2 -- 1. Nancy Connell, 2. Diane McGarry, 3. Nancy Zimar; Flight 3 -- 1. Arlene Jacquette, 2. Gen Lapolla, 3. Teresa Hergert.

The Golf Course at Pleasant Point

Results of the Women's teams tournament held Sept. 17: 1. Jackie Dansby, Kit Wintrerer, Romona Gaither.

Results of Men's day tournament held Sept. 17; 1. Tom Glans, Frank Porter; Closest to the pin -- Ros Somers, Tom Glans.

Results of Team Best Net tournament; Kia Mallott, John Marvin, Ros Somers, Tom Glans, John Farrell, Herman Gaither; Closest to the pin -- Ros Somers, Harry Wiggins, Herman Gaither.

Island West

Results of Men's day tournament held Sept. 19: Format: Two best of foursome; 1. Dave Zander, David Glover, Fred Palcho, Bill Hobson; Closest to the Pin -- Dave Glover, Dan Glass.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association held Sept. 19; Format: Bear Creek; 1. Mike Sinisko, Larry Beckish, John Dansby, John Sheppard; 2. Alan Westcob, Tom Burnett, Powell Christian; Closest to the Pin -- Powell Christian, Fred Fehlauer, Alan Westcob.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held Sept. 18; Format: WGA Championship Qualifying; 1. M. Nieberding, 2. S. Brainard, 3. J. Alpert, 4. A. Burke, 5. S. Carlson, 6. L. Mikkelson, 7. M.P. Bonchosky.

Results of Ladies nine Fall Colors tournament held Sept. 19; 1. Linda Eberly, PJ Leonhardt, Judy Patnaude, Ede Birkett; 2. Shirley Boppe, Sandy Burgoyne, Pat Coghland, Ruthellen Phillips; 3. Elaine Himes, MJ Reeves, Katy Doran, Chris Solari.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held Sept. 17; 1. Kathy Labonte, 2. Mary Jo Bird, 3. Jane Aurandt; Low Gross: Marilyn Zeleznik and Jane Aurandt; Chip-Ins -- June Somers, Patty Zensinger, Deb Korthase; Closest to the Pin -- Jane Aurandt, Ronnie Raddin, Kathy LaBonte.

Results of tournament held Sept. 18; 1. Frank Sutera, Art Loeben, Ira Sedransk, Jim Williams; 2. Jud Johnson, Bobby Allen, Jim Webb, Fred Reever; 3. Roger Healey, Tom Cumming, Ray McElhaney, Richard Miller; Closest to the Pin -- Fred Reever, Steve Fobes, Rich Miller, Jim Webb, Dick LaBonte.

Port Royal

Results of Men's day held Sept. 18; Format: 1 better ball of 2; 1. Harry Kotellos, Kris Bhasin.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's day tournament held Sept. 17; Format: Blind Bogey (Individual low net); 1. John Carroll, 2. George Edell, 3. Dick Timcoe, 4. Frank Pinto, 5. Mike Danyi, 6. Greg Vavoso, 7. Bill Shipe, 8. Ed Scott.

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