Don't believe town on trash satisfaction

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 22, 2013 

The Town of Hilton Head Island has a history of lying to save face when it knows it is wrong.

My first experience was the 1990 beach renourishment project. The town manager insisted it had to be done during the summer. Those of us in the tourism industry commented that having noisy bulldozers on the beach 24 hours a day would be devastating to the tourism industry, but the town persisted, and tourists were furious. The 1985-1986 Myrtle Beach and 2006 Hilton Head renourishment projects were done in the off season, so it was a lie.

Now the town is lying about its waste management project by saying the majority of customers are satisfied and are paying less. Actually, the owners of multifamily residences are paying more than they were (25 percent in my condo) and are generally very dissatisfied with the service.

The Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce states that there were 17,940 multifamily units and 14,516 single-family homes on Hilton Head in 2009, so the majority are paying more. Ask any property or regime manager on the island, and you will be stunned at the level of dissatisfaction, especially among tourists.

The plan originally was presented as something that would appeal to tourists and help our economy. A bigger, but more difficult problem to solve affecting the tourism industry is our pitiful cellphone coverage, which has yet to be solved. I dare the town to send satisfaction questionnaires to all property managers.

There's no way a government can do anything better than private industry.

Pete Welch

Hilton Head Island

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