Why cite race as reason for disagreement?

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 19, 2013 

Can we just address the race-card issue for what it really is? Who is the real racist?

Would it be the person who disagrees with our president's progressive policies and politics, or the person who can't even imagine that someone could disagree with him for any reason other than the color of his skin?

My guess would be that the white race-baiters find it easier to project their own latent racial bigotry onto someone else rather than address the feelings of guilt that are brought upon them by their own racist thoughts and tendencies.

Of course, they're aided by worshipers of President Barack Obama and the left-wing media outlets that tell them what to think. They want to make sure the weak of mind pick up the racist mantra and run with it so the conversation never comes around to addressing Obama's ever-growing list of scandals and flat-out failures as our president.

Larry Owens


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