Residents' filing request not signal town opposes

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 17, 2013 

The issue of whether to establish a no-wake zone on the May River in Bluffton is a complex issue that requires a great deal of consideration. As Mayor Lisa Sulka stated, there are as many people for it as there are against it.

To chastise the mayor and Town Council for not getting involved is unfair and mischaracterizes what occurred during the Town Council meeting. Kim Jones, the director of the town's stormwater management division, explained clearly that the process to enact a no-wake zone had been simplified by the state, and anyone can make a request now. There is no need for the town to get involved. If residents of Bluffton feel adversely affected, they can begin the process. How does that make the town and mayor not supportive?

We are a government of the people, by the people. So if you feel strongly about how you are being affected, get involved. But please do not paint the mayor and Town Council as being against this just because they are not the ones who are filing.

Joseph S. Iaco


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