Board deserves thanks, not arrogance, blame

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 15, 2013 

I entered the emergency board meeting of Bridges Preparatory School on Sept. 8 with knots in my stomach. Although I had been warned the first year of a new school would be difficult, I was not prepared to lose administrator Melesia Walden only three weeks into school.

As I sat listening to differing perspectives, I kept thinking how little right we, the audience, had to the indignation being expressed toward the board members. There on the stage sat people who had dedicated countless hours to building something for us all, spending hours away from their families and jobs. And instead of thanking them, we faced them -- arrogant, entitled and blaming them because an administrator quit her paid position because she couldn't buy projectors.

I just kept thinking how entitled we have become as a society. None of us is owed this school. We are darn lucky to be a part of it. And like it or not, we owe a debt of gratitude to the people who had this vision and worked hard to build it.

So before you count yourself among those who are calling for board members to resign, ask yourself this question: "If they resign, am I willing to go back to my former school?" Because there is not one among us, except the people who sat on that stage, who has proved they have the fortitude and determination to see us through the project of building Bridges into a K-12 school.

Eve A. Miller


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