Other nations should step up to act on Syria

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 12, 2013 

I listened to President Barack Obama's speech on a possible military response to the Syrian government's carrying out chemical attacks on its own people.

There should be consequences for the Syrian government for this atrocity.

My question is why is the United States apparently acting alone in calling for action against Syria. The United Nations should be at the front of any response, whether its military action or another punishment for these crimes.

The U.S. should be participating with the U.N. in these actions, not going it alone. Maybe it is because the U.N. has such a large population of Muslims, or maybe it's some other reason. But some extreme action seems to be required to show that this type of criminal activity will not be tolerated.

In all of this, the question is where are all the other countries? And why are we not hearing them condemn this catastrophe. The rest of the world should want this to be dealt with quickly so that it doesn't expand to other areas where people disagree with Bashar al-Assad and his government.

Ronald Cook


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