Obama administration makes Carter look good

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 12, 2013 

Jimmy Carter is getting his smile back.

Last summer in the buildup to the elections, he was all smiles. With the Obama administration's abysmal first four years of havoc and damage to the economy and nation under its belt, he knew the American people wouldn't be foolish enough to re-elect President Barack Obama. The Obama administration would easily supplant the Carter administration as the worst in the country's history, and Jimmy could die happy.

A great depression set in when we re-elected the Keystone Kops. It was possible that Team Obama might do something to improve its status. Well, Jimmy's smile is returning with its awful performance on the Benghazi attack, attempts at gun control, the much-hated and job-killing Obamacare, Internal Revenue Service scandals, National Security Agency scandals. Now, he's relying on the Russians to try to save his administration from gaffes driving us to war in Syria.

I think Jimmy can rest easy. It looks like they haven't gotten any smarter. In just a few short years, Jimmy will be documented as only the second worst president we've had.

Michel Whitaker

Cat Island

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