President should listen to the American people

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 12, 2013 

Our president needs to remember whom he works for and whose opinion really counts.

He speaks about missile strikes on a populated country as if it is another multimillion-dollar vacation. The only red line is the one he drew, although he can't remember he did it. He's telegraphing his military movements like a kindergarten child instead of the commander in chief of America.

He's using the usual band of storytellers ("Gunboat Kerry" and "Benghazi Clinton") to convince the American public that there is something to be gained -- besides removing his foot from his mouth -- for national security. The American public does not want another war, especially when there is no good side and no international support.

If one drop of American blood is spilled, he should resign and take his punishment for doing for his own ego what no president has done before, not even George W. Bush, who, I might add, did a much better job and respected our Constitution.

Robert Zabawa

Hilton Head Island

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