Administration sending dangerous messages

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 12, 2013 

Secretary of State John Kerry said that if we don't strike Syria, we will send a dangerous message to our enemies. Let's talk about dangerous messages.

Start with a commander-in-chief who reveals our intended time frame, targets, the type of ordinance to be used and even the budget for the operation. To our military personnel charged with carrying out the publicized action, that is a dangerous message. Our enemies, on the other hand, are surely shaking their heads in amazement.

Just down the road in Benghazi, Libya, after receiving multiple threats of imminent attack, we could not mount a defense of our consulate. We couldn't launch a rescue attempt and stood by helplessly as our personnel were slaughtered. We couldn't even recover our sensitive documents or evidence from the site. Finally, our State Department officials issued excuses and lies to cover their incompetence. That is a dangerous message to send to our enemies.

Our president said, "If Congress won't act, I will," meaning, "If the representatives of the people won't do what I want, I'll do it anyway." That is a truly dangerous message.

Punitive action in Syria will not mitigate all of the idiotic and dangerous messages we have already sent, and in this instance, Congress should render a vote of "no confidence."

Mike Raymond


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