Boy, 2, has 'come a long way' in recovering from gunshot inflicted by 3-year-old

The (Sumter) ItemSeptember 11, 2013 


A 2-year-old boy shot by a 3-year-old relative early Monday afternoon is recovering at a Columbia hospital.

Tosha Beaver said her son “has come a long way” since the shooting, which happened at a home on Paradise Road near the Jordan community of Clarendon County. According to reports, a 23-year-old woman listed as the victim’s aunt was walking with the boys from a neighbor’s home.

“(She) stated that the boys ran in the house ahead of her,” reads a Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office report obtained by The Item on Wednesday and verified by a family member of the victim. “Shortly after that, she heard a gunshot.”

“(The aunt) stated she and her husband ... ran into the house to see what happened, and (saw) the 3-year-old with the gun in his hand and the 2-year-old lying on the floor,” according to the report written by Sgt. Barney R. Dozier.

The boy was shot through both legs and was initially taken to Clarendon Memorial Hospital. The aunt told deputies the gun is always kept in a cabinet but that the older child somehow managed to get the gun. According to reports, the shooting is being treated as an accident.

Efforts to reach Clarendon County Sheriff Randy Garrett and deputies from the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office were unsuccessful Tuesday and Wednesday nor was a report made available to The Item by the office. State laws made to protect the public’s right to know require police reports to be released when requested.

“He’s recovering very fast,” said Phillip McGrew, the boy’s father, late Wednesday afternoon.

Beaver said one of the boy’s IVs has been removed, and the other had been disconnected by Wednesday afternoon.

“We’re hoping to have his drainage tubes taken out (today),” she said.

Doctors are treating the boy for infection as a precaution.

“The nurses, doctors and everyone at the hospital have taken exceptional care of him,” McGrew said. “He’s a strong little guy.” Beaver said the child may be able to come home in a few days.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re taking it one day at a time,” she said. “We continue to ask for prayers for our little miracle.” Reach Robert J. Baker at (803) 774-1211.

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