Obama gives voters the old bait and switch

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 10, 2013 

Did you get what you expected when you voted for President Barack Obama? Here are some of the reasons people gave:

  • Racial harmony. Race relations are the worse they have been in 30 years. See Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

  • Improved relationships with the Muslim world. Syria; embassies and consulates closed in Islamic countries; Edward Snowden gets asylum in Russia despite the Russian restart button; Kerry is called a liar.

  • Obama can relate to the needs of college students: If they can find a job, they will pay for higher medical insurance to compensate for the senior population; student loan interest rates will change from a low, fixed rate to higher variable rates.

  • Transparency. Obamacare was passed with political payoffs and gets postponed because some parts don't work; legislation is not posted on the Internet in advance as promised; several former lobbyists are working in his administration.

  • Helping the black community. Unemployment for blacks, especially young blacks, is much higher; more black people are now living below the poverty line and collecting food stamps, perpetuating an underclass.

  • He is for the middle class. Middle-class average income is down, many are unemployed, many houses are underwater. The middle class has experienced indirect tax hikes and higher gasoline prices.

  • In fairness, I should point out that Obama has delivered those free "Obama phones." Recently, a reporter for National Review, not entitled to any, applied for and got three. So much for cracking down on fraud and waste.

    Smile. After all, you voted for him.

    Richard Geraghty

    Hilton Head Island

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