Recreation Results, Sept. 8

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Bear Creek

Results of 9-hole ladies tournament held Sept. 5; Format: All Par 3's; 1. Joyce Murphy, Judy Matchett; 3. Gini Holihan.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held Sept. 5; Format: All Par 3's; Flight A -- 1. Terri Ozley, 2. Carol Jackson; Flight B -- 1. Betsy Pehrson, 2. Carol DeKany.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held Aug. 28; Format: Blind Draw; 1. Sheila Johnson, Joanne Paterno; 2. Marjorie Borenstein, Mary Mittelberg; 3. Chris Kohlhepp, Jan Powell; Closest to the Pin -- Joanne Paterno, Caroline McVitty.

Results of WGA tournament held Sept. 4; Format: Olympic; 1. Susan Foster, Kay Hayes, Joanne Paterno, Marty Eidemiller; 2. Mary Shanahan, Mary Georgopulos, Barbara Neely, Chiqui Muller; Closest to the Pin -- Kay Hayes, Ruth Schroeder.

Results of MGA tournament held Sept. 5; Format: Green Tee Scramble; 1. Gary Otto, Mark Henrichs, Joe McPartland, Barry Grote; 2. Chris Bistany, Dean Hergert, John Lang, Geoff Toonder; Closest to the Pin -- Geoff Toonder.

Dataw Island

Results of 9-hole ladies day tournament held Sept. 5; 1. Diane Laughlin, Peggy Hubright, Peggy Wynne, Peggy Cass; 2. Sally Coulton, Joan Maus, Betty Freer, Becky McCann; Closest to the Pin - Mary Therese O'Brien; Chip In: Betty Freer.

Results of 18-hole ladies day tournament held Sept. 5; 1. Ellie White, Julie Gantz, Sheila Sears, Denise Sullivan; 2. Dutchy Lewis, Marcia Gesser, Pam Farri, Mary Ann Voegtle; Closest to the Pin -- Paula Wexler, Ellie White; Chip Ins -- Julie Gantz, Bud Huber.

The Golf Course at Pleasant Point

Results of the Women's teams tournament held Sept. 3; 1st team- Jackie Dansby, Kit Wintrerer, Romona Gaither; 2nd team - Mary Edmonds, Priscilla Stewart, Susan Ballenger; Men's day individual points quota held Sept. 3; Ros Somers, Frank Porter; Closest to the pin - Frank Porter, Herman Gaither, Tom Glans; Wednesday's Team Best Net - Ros Somers, John Marvin, Herman Gaither, Ben Hill, Tom Glans, Frank Porter, Joe Dobratz; Closest to the pin - Ros Somers, Tom Glans, Frank Porter.

Hidden Cypress

Results of Aug. 29; Format: Step Aside Scramble; Flight 1 -- 1. Larry Johnson, Tim Hurley, Mary Turner, Linda Anderson; 2. John Hencken, Bob Hinds, Donna Rosehart, Vicki Vik; 3. Fred Finn, Donald O'Conner, Harriet Bender, Anita Tuney; Closest to the Pin: Butch Schaeffer, Charlotte Jeffrey; Flight 2 -- 1. Bob McElfresh, Scott Caldie, Mitzi Dube, Sue Kline; 2. Tim Pucko, Bruce Turner, Sandy Tooley, Carol Jane Kaminski; 3. Jim Weatherill, Larry Resnick, Diane Gibson, Sandy Russell; Closest to the Pin: Bart Druery, Mary Jo Boss; Flight 3 -- 1. Kidd Bermudez, Gary Molloy, Deb McClain, Diane Berlingo; 2. John Mctague, Tom Lehrer, Marilyn Schaeffer, Betty McMillion; 3. Ken Muhrenberg, David Smith, Paula Smith, Dale Finn; Closest to the Pin: Dick Palmer, Paula Smith; Flight 4 -- 1. Terry McClain, Brent Snodgrass, Susan Hencken, Joan DeLude; 2. James Blue, Chick Ferrara, Marilyn Shaw, Pat O'Conner; 3. Clinton Wright, Donald Olivie, Addy Sauber, Nancy Collins; Closest to the Pin: Brent Snodgrass, Joan DeLude.

Island West

Results of Men's day tournament held Sept. 5; Format: One best ball front/two best balls back; 1. Gary Goodridge, David Glover, Michael Hughes; 2. Terry Marvel, Dan Glass, Charles Michael; Closest to the Pin -- David Glover, James Hall.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held Sept. 5; Format: Power Ball 3 Best Net Scores; 1. Bob Kiessling, John Dansby, Powell Christian, Chuck Gluck; Closest to the Pin -- Alan Westcob, John Dansby, Ben Franklin.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held Sept. 4; Format: 1 of 4 net best ball; 1. D. Cawthon, K. Wirtzberger, M. Fulling, J. Natale; 2. M. Nieberding, R. Fulton, P. Finnie, S. Coll.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held Sept. 5; Format: Tee to Green/Fewest Putts; 1. S. Kamisnki, 2. (tie) C. Brennan, MJ Reeves; 4. J. Heyboer; Putts: 1. S. Potter, 2. (tie) C. Brennan, MJ Reeves; 4. J. Moss.

Port Royal

Results of Ladies 18 holer tournament held Sept. 3; Format: 1 better ball of 2 plus; Queen of Clubs: Becky Guin; 1. Mary Zych, Betsy Papale; 2. Becky Guin, Wyndom Brown; 3. Phyllis Facterman, Gail McGavack.

Rose Hill

Results of tournament held August 31; Format: Step Aside Scramble; 1. Bill Shipe, Elaine Honegger, Lee Henken, Beverly Henken; 2. Pat Gurganus, Jane Gurganus, Ed Varcho, Ron Stovall; 3. Jerry Wells, George Kelly, Bob Wright, Janet Wright; 4. Jay Parks, Iva Kimes, John Klinger, Dottie Klinger; Closest to the Pin -- Kathy Burnce, Fran Richards; Pot-O-Gold Winners -- Fran Richards, Bob Willlams, Jay Parks, Ed Varcho, John Klinger, Janet Wright, Bill Shipe, Elaine Honegger.

Results of Men's day tournament held Sept. 3; Format: Points Game; 1. Jerry Wells, Hud Molloy, Ed Scott, George Edell; 2. Bill Shipe, Bob Williams, Ed Varcho; Low Net -- George Edell; Closest to the Pin -- John Carroll.

Sea Pines Country Club

Results of Men's tournament held Aug. 28; Format: 2 better balls of 4; 1. Phil McKee, Carl Crankshaw, Sal Zuccala, Chris Dreisbach; 2. Bryce Edwards, Ron Orlosky, Sal Zuccsla, Doug James.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held August 30; Format: Low Gross/Low Net; Low Gross -- Larry Sauer; Low Net -- Bill Wood; Skins -- Danny Dennson, Larry Sauer, Bill Wood.


Run for Ret 5K results

Aug. 31, at Hilton Head Preparatory School

Top Finishers -- Male

1. Lee Cordova, 17:20

2. Evans Beach, 18:01

3. Danny Shaughnessy, 18:04

4. Jason Busby, 18:16

5. Philip Evans, 18:23

6. Daniel Comite, 18:54

7. Chris Wiley, 19:04

8. Anthony Chissell, 19:07

9. Sean Killeen, 19:17

10. Chase Sanders, 19:37

11. Walt Neubauer, 19:39

12. Rory Witkowski, 19:45

13. Joey Roberts, 19:53

14. Andy Tedesco, 19:58

15. Ryan Livingston, 20:12

16. Aaron Kimball, 20:18

17. Kristopher Geiger, 20:21

18. David Robinson, 20:31

19. Daniel Falcocchio, 20:33

20. Dylan McMahan, 20:34

21. Jackson Richard, 20:38

23. Sam Gilman, 20:44

24. Eric Peterson, 20:52

25. Cash Knight, 20:53

26. Grayson Lentz, 21:12

Top Finishers -- Female

22. Elizabeth Beller, 20:40

28. Terri Mahoney, 21:17

33. Ciara McMahon, 21:43

37. Lia Tierney, 22:06

45. Alison Andrews, 22:46

50. Sarah McKee, 23:06

60. Angela Robine, 24:20

66. Tianna Donaldson, 24:36

68. Scottie House, 24:43

70. Laura Haras, 24:49

74. Laurel Woerheide, 25:02

75. Lindsay Martin, 25:03

76. Callie Haertel, 25:04

78. Lynsey Rini, 25:23

82. Casey White, 25:45

85. Grace Orie, 25:54

90. Anadet Giles, 26:08

91. Hannah Hundley, 26:10

92. Sarah Orie, 26:15

93. Maria Ferrari, 26:18

94. Ellery Newcomer, 26:21

95. Elizabeth Sulak, 26:28

96. Foster Willey, 26:33

99. Megan Frederick, 26:37

106. Alyssa White, 27:02

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