US failures in Libya having impact in Syria

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 8, 2013 

Hillary Clinton finally has her answer. The Benghazi debacle has contributed to the political and security problems we have with Syria.

By failing to acknowledge the true perpetrators in the killing of an American ambassador and failing to bring them to justice, we signaled to the world that we will not be aggressive in defending ourselves from Islamic terrorists.

This has emboldened Bashar al-Assad of Syria to test us by using chemical and biological weapons. If we fail to take aggressive action against the Assad regime, why will Iran ever give up its nuclear weapons program?

What good is it to sign a treaty agreeing not to use chemical and biological weapons if you don't severely punish those who do use them? Or are sealed indictments the answer?

Now that President Barack Obama has surrendered his Middle East policy to Congress, members need to come up with a strategy that restores our leadership and appropriately responds to Syria's criminal activity. That response should at the least target the Assad regime so the balance of power shifts to the rebels and destroys their chemical and biological weapons. Anything less will signal to the world that the U.S. is a paper tiger.

Pete Shaw

Callawassie Island

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