America should stay out of the mess in Syria

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 7, 2013 

If the United States proceeds with Plan A against Syria, can you see Bashar al-Assad saying, "The bombardment from those four American destroyers has certainly taught me a lesson. Now I am sorry I ever used chemical weapons; I guess I really deserved the punishment they are inflicting on me by shelling my coastal towns and cities. You can be sure I will never do that again."

Let's stay out of the Syria mess and leave any "punishment" to the Arab League or the United Nations. The more we intervene in such situations, the more they all hate us and the greater becomes the threat of terrorist attacks against us. Naval bombardments and more useless killing won't improve anything.

Maintaining our credibility is a weak reason for intervention and more killing.

Daniel Hoyt Daniels


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