Chechessee wrong site for central waste facility

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 5, 2013 

With the proposal to place a countywide, central waste compacting and transfer center in the Chechessee area, Beaufort County seems to be pursuing two contradictory and conflicting policies and activities.

On one hand: In May, the county purchased 42 acres near the intersection of S.C. 170 and Callawassie Drive as a possible site for the central transfer station. Solid waste from throughout the county would be trucked to the site, compacted and taken away to a landfill after the expected closing of the Hickory Hill landfill in Jasper County.

On the other hand: The county, through its Rural and Critical Lands Preservation Program, has acquired more than 600 acres for more than $8 million along S.C. 170 from the Broad River to the vicinity of the potential waste facility.

Purposes of these acquisitions include preservation and protection of habitat for shorebirds and other wildlife and to prevent development along this environmentally important corridor. That is, to prevent exactly the type of development the transfer station represents.

Included in these preserved land acquisitions is the almost 100 acres of Manigault Neck, directly adjacent the site the county is considering for a central waste transfer station.

Daily, many trucks would be going to and from the trash facility, and the noise and activity level would be highly disruptive to wildlife and contrary to the purpose of preserving Manigault Neck and the other properties.

Beaufort County should find a more suitable location for the transfer station.

Reed Armstrong

Coastal Conservation League


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