Republic has delivered outstanding service

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 4, 2013 

While greatly respecting the informed opinions of others, I guess it is human nature to be critical and sometimes negative and moody. Most of us lack good data on many situations, so we fall back on anecdote, hearsay and the grapevine. On the subject of trash service, maybe we are at fault, late in putting out the garbage or recycling debris.

Our experience with Republic Waste Services has been outstanding. I, too, support competitive and free-enterprise solutions and had initial doubts about Hilton Head Island's solid waste strategy -- its impact on employment; lack of incentives for responsive, efficient service; a complicated segmented market; and eventually, higher costs. The town suggested there would be lower costs on average, fewer trucks on the road (i.e., less wear and tear), a better environmental impact, enhanced recycling and some economies of scale.

From our little, narrow corner of Hilton Head, it became true. We saved $20 a quarter with error-free billing (bill payer online). We have fewer trucks on the block; nice and always respectful drivers and technicians; and on-schedule service 99 percent of the time (winter, summer, storms, hurricane season). They drop a thing or two infrequently on the ground. We've made calls to the Hilton Head coordinator twice in 1-1/2 years, with same-day response. That's our anecdote.

Future commentary: Aren't we fortunate to have a great Sheriff's Office?

Jim Holtaway

Hilton Head Island

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