Obama's failed policies a pathetic spectacle

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 4, 2013 

What a sad, pathetic spectacle. The Syrians commit one of the most horrific crimes against humanity, and President Barack Obama fails to rally the world to punish the evildoers.

In Great Britain, our most loyal ally, Parliament passed a vote of no confidence in Obama. What a shame Obama banished the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House. He might have learned something about statesmanship.

Obama promised a "reset" in relations with Russia. He threw our Polish and Czech allies under the bus over missile defense to appease the Russians. How did that work out? The Russians took Obama's UN resolution on Syria and tossed it back in his face.

Remember how Obama and the Democrats said President George W. Bush was a cowboy who took unilateral action? Yet in Iraq, Bush had a coalition of dozens of nations, many sending troops. Only France has answered Obama's call, but with no forces. Secretary of State John Kerry demands military action on Syria even before UN inspectors report. Yet Kerry claimed during the 2004 presidential election that Bush "rushed to war."

Saddest of the Democratic war hawks is Nancy Pelosi, who as House Speaker went to Syria to meet with Assad in 2007 and criticized Bush's efforts to contain Syria. Pelosi now cheers on the bombing.

Obama promised "smart diplomacy" that would restore respect for America. Instead, his Keystone Kops style of leadership would be laughable if the specter of 100,000 dead Syrians did not haunt our collective conscience.

Michael Miller


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