State park lifeguards could help in many ways

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 3, 2013 

You had a story Aug. 30: "Teen summer employment hovers near record lows." We are also told by Hunting Island State Park officials that we do not have lifeguards because they could not fill the positions. And South Carolina on a national basis is among the worst in the nation's "teen summer jobs slump." Should anyone be surprised that, "the plunging teen employment rate is likely to mean trouble for this generation of young workers ..."?

A lifeguard cadre would not only protect innocent lives but provide training, leadership skills, management acumen and an "esprit de corps" for the young men and women involved. Just consider our own Paul Sommerville, now Beaufort County Council chairman, who was one of the last lifeguards to have served at Hunting Island.

And we have pools of talent who might be solicited for help in training. The county pool complex personnel and Parris Island both have a reservoir of aquatic expertise and talent.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's coordinate our resources and efforts to impact these lingering and related problems. Are we "penny-wise and pound-foolish?"

George Johnston

Dataw Island

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