Do these countries really want democracy?

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 1, 2013 

Here we go again, teetering on the brink of another "military engagement" in the Middle East. This is yet another cause that will require billions of dollars to be used in warfare, something this country has not yet learned to avoid, in the so-called interest of fostering democracy in countries that are steeped in centuries of tribalism.

Isn't it possible that countries, including Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria, don't want democracy? That form of government only works when there is a middle class of fairly educated people and it is developed over centuries of checks and balances under a functional constitution.

That system doesn't seem to be doing all that well here. Just look at our stalemated Congress, and yet we insist on trying to force less-developed nations into our way of thinking.

Sadly, in order for America to survive, we must propagate war. War is the economy. Without the military-industrial complex, we would have close to a 25 percent unemployment rate. We build weapons to sell to other countries, and eventually we destroy those weapons with armed conflict. Much of the carnage is for the benefit of other American corporations, which reap the benefits of influence throughout the world.

We are in a no-win situation with the current crisis in Egypt. Our involvement has been deepening far longer than the average American is aware, and it looks like more of our tax dollars, which are so sorely needed at home, will be spent on another conflict overseas.

Bob Alberti

Sun City Hilton Head

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